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Engage with your peers and share best practice in our private roundtable discussions

Engage with your peers and share best practice in our private roundtable discussions

The roundtable discussions hosted at Transport Ticketing Global allowed our audience to engage with like-minded peers and explore the most important challenges and opportunities for the smart ticketing community. This was an opportunity to dive deeper into key topics, share case studies and hear how transport operators and authorities around the world are innovating and bringing value to their passengers. 

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Led by an independent expert, each hour-long roundtable discussion welcomed up to 12 participants and, in some cases, a relevant solution provider. 

Unlike other session formats, all participants are encouraged to join the conversation, share their experiences and challenges.

To encourage open discussion, these private roundtables follow the Chatham House rule - participants are free to use information from the discussion but are not allowed to reveal who made any particular comment.  


  1. 60 mins
    Join us for an engaging discussion on the role of universal tokenization in fostering inclusivity within public transit payment systems. This roundtable will delve into how this technology can provide ...
  1. 60 mins

    The implementation of a groundbreaking Account Based Ticketing (ABT) system isn't just a hurdle; it's an opportunity for organizations to revolutionize the way we interact with public transit.

    In this captivating discussion, we'll delve deep into the technical and organizational challenges organizations face as they navigate the transition from traditional ticket and card-based systems to the dynamic world of ABT. Our focus? Ensuring a seamless and transparent experience for travelers every step of the way.

    One crucial factor in successfully managing this transition is the setting up of a strong and modern central Automated Fare Collection (AFC) system that can efficiently handle already installed ticketing devices, channels as validator, TVM and other channels.

    By having a back-end separated from the devices themselves, organizations can streamline their operations and optimize their resources, saving previous investments.

    This roundtable discussion will examine into the choices available to organizations as they navigate these challenges and explore potential design approaches that will facilitate a seamless transition towards ABT based on successful use cases.

    Additionally, the discussion will examine different provisioning strategies for both the central AFC system and peripheral devices and channels to ensure smooth integration throughout all areas of operation.

    Don't miss out on this exhilarating roundtable discussion where innovation meets implementation, and together, we'll pave the way towards a future of seamless and traveler-centric ticketing experiences!

  1. 60 mins
    As cities grapple with the challenges of growing populations and increasing demands on public transportation, the strategic use of data becomes of paramount importance. Traditionally, public transport ...

How to participate

Spaces in each roundtable session are limited but we will do our best to accommodate as many people as possible throughout the event. 

To take part in the roundtables you will need to register to attend Transport Ticketing Global. When prompted during the booking process, select the round table topics you are interested in.  In the lead-up to the event, our team will contact you to confirm your place. 

Please note that roundtable discussions are only available to transport operators, authorities and government attendees. 

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Save the date!

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