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Kick start the most important conversations ahead of
Transport Ticketing Global 2024

Join our exclusive virtual roundtables to explore the most important challenges facing the industry. This is your chance to help shape the conversation on vital topics being discussed as part of the conference programme. 

Each hosted by an independent industry expert, our virtual roundtable discussions are a great opportunity to connect and share knowledge with senior ticketing industry peers from around the world. 

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Why take part?

Why take part?

- Connect with your peers from around the world

- Share knowledge and explore solutions to a shared challenge

- Have an open and private discussion - roundtables are held under the Chatham House Rule

Virtual Roundtable Schedule

16 Jan 2024
  1. Online
    • Debate the pros and cons of this innovative approach to ticketing & discover whether this technology is a game-changer for your business or a source of potential challenges.
    • Strategies for managing legacy systems & financial considerations
    • What pitfalls should PTOs & PTAs avoid when upgrading their AFC system to ABT?
24 Jan 2024
  1. Online
    • Delve into the strategies, innovations, and challenges of implementing the next generation of digital payments.
    • Discuss the best solution for your agency and find out how it can be implemented cost-effectively.
    • How to leverage technology to improve operations while enhancing the customer experience
31 Jan 2024
  1. Online
    • Discuss the effectiveness of current fare structures and pricing and explore how to adapt fare models and pricing strategy to optimize revenue.  How can profitability and efficiency, flexibility and sustainability be reconciled?
    • Evaluate and share insights on revenue protection methods, including fare evasion prevention to minimize revenue loss and enhance the financial sustainability of the system
    • Improving the overall customer experience by offering convenient payment options and personalized services to attract and retain customers.
07 Feb 2024
  1. Online
    • Expanding access to digital technology and promoting financial inclusion in the region. Methods to make transit ticketing more inclusive and accessible to a diverse population.
    • The benefits and challenges of moving from cash-based payments to other fare media in Latin America. Examine the adoption of sustainable and secure payment methods like contactless cards and mobile ticketing.
    • Investing in Latin America; essential elements for international companies
Apply to join a discussion

Apply to join a discussion

Spaces are limited of each roundtable so make sure you apply soon to avoid missing out. 

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Sponsorship opportunities

Sponsorship opportunities

Find you how you can promote your solutions to our audience of smart ticketing & mobility professionals from around the world.

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Sponsorship Opportunities

Engage with our global audience of transport operators & authorities

We have helped connect the global smart ticketing and mobility community for over a decade and we have a track record of delivering value year on year. In the lead up to Transport Ticketing Global, our flagship live event, our series of virtual roundtable discussions are an opportunity for you to engage our global audience of smart ticketing professionals from PTOs, PTAs, Cities and other stakeholders.

Across our live and digital activations, our goal remains the same – to inspire and connect the global smart ticketing community enabling them to enhance their passengers' experience and increase ridership.  

We work with our clients to plan and deliver on their goals. If you're looking to engage a targeted and senior audience of public transport industry professionals get in touch with the team.

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Complete the form below to apply to join one of our virtual roundtable discussions. Please note that the discussions are only open to representatives of transport operators, transport authorities and government.