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"For us, Transport Ticketing Global is a major event for our vertical transportation market. It's the one event that, we feel, through many years of attending, really brings the community together. It's fundamental for us that we're here in order to show what we can do."

James Bain, CEO, Worldline UK&I


"Transport Ticketing Global is a fundamental part of our marketing plans.... I would go as far as to say this is probably the premier conference event for Vix in the calendar. The overall experience has been great"

Robert Cullingworth, Country Manager, UK & Ireland, Vix Technology


‘‘Transport Ticketing Global is basically the event that we can't miss for our marketing plan.
It's the place where the world comes together to share experiences and ideas. It's the best place to really get a direction of travel for the industry. 
Because of the process we've made over the last two days in terms of partnership discussions and potential client opportunities, this is a non-miss event."

Miki Szikszai, CEO, Snapper

Snapper Transport Ticketing Global

"It’s been great. It’s where everyone is the industry comes, it’s a good place to make contacts and
for maintaining and building relationships. We’re happy with the results from being here."

Argo Verk, Head of Sales, Ridango

Ridango Transport Ticketing Global

“Transport Ticketing Global is one of the landmark mainstays of our annual conference circuit.

It's certainly one that is very well attended internationally...”

Ben Whitaker, Head of Innovation and Founder, Masabi


"It’s just as good as last year. It’s a great meeting place for the industry. We’re happy with what we’ve achieved in 2 days – it’s value for money.  We like the larger new venue and greater space –  and the layout is better."

Toofan Otaredian, CEO, Telexis

 Telexis Transport Ticketing Global

“Epic week - every year I think the show can't get any better....... and it does.

Best show of the year and Clarion are always a real pleasure to work with.”

James Gooch, Head of Marketing, Masabi


‘‘Our show experience has been great, with our CEO’s presentation generating a significant amount of traffic at our booth. Over the two days we’ve made plenty of valuable contacts and expanded partnership prospects’’

Audrey Delavarenne, Marketing & User Experience Manager, Wizway Solutions

 Wizway Solutions Transport Ticketing


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