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LATEST WEBINAR - AVAILABLE ON-DEMAND Closed-loop and open-loop systems in mass transit: key considerations for transit operators

Closed-loop and open-loop systems in mass transit: key considerations for transit operators

Recorded on 3 May 2023 

In this interactive session, explored the latest on open-loop and closed-loop payment systems in mass transit. While both aim to deliver an enhanced passenger experience, both still have their own unique pros and cons. Regardless of how you choose to manage payments for riders, both systems have unique considerations and offer exciting innovation opportunities to think about.

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About the series

About the series

What is Transport Ticketing Digital and why should you watch the series?

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Over the coming weeks, we'll share the schedule of sessions in the Transport Ticketing Digital series including round table discussions, webinars, and reports. 

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Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsorship Opportunities

Find you how you can promote your solutions to our audience of smart ticketing & mobility professionals from around the world.

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What is Transport Ticketing Digital?

Around the world transport operators and authorities are adapting to changes in passenger preferences and seeking to provide flexible and inclusive ticketing and fare options. To help share you adapt, share best practices and connect with best-in-class partners and solution providers we are re-introducing the Transport Ticketing Digital content series.

Transport Ticketing Digital is a series of interactive webinars, discussions and reports for our global community of transport operators and authorities. Sign up for our upcoming series to watch live case studies, interviews, discussions and learn from those delivering ground-breaking smart ticketing projects around the world. 

This is your chance to connect and interact with your peers, hear success stories and learn about the latest smart ticketing and mobility technology.

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Transport Ticketing Digital

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Our year-round content series is shaped by our community. We listen to you and address your greatest challenges - bringing you insights and advice from our global network of smart ticketing leaders and innovators.

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Learn from and engage with smart ticketing & mobility pioneers. We've made sure all our sessions are fully interactive. Join our round-table discussions or join the chat and ask questions during our live webinars. 

Explore key topics

Account-based ticketing 
Contactless & mobile ticketing
Enabling Maas
Integrated Ticketing
Real Time Passenger Information
Fare modelling & policies
UX & Journey planning

and more..

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Sponsorship Opportunities

Engage with our global audience of transport operators & authorities

We have helped connect the global smart ticketing and mobility community for over a decade and we have a track record of delivering value year on year. Following the return of Transport Ticketing Global, our flagship live event, the Transport Ticketing Digital series will continue to engage our global audience of smart ticketing professionals from PTOs, PTAs, Cities and other stakeholders.

Our goal remains the same – to inspire and connect the global smart ticketing community so that they can enhance passenger experience and increase ridership.  

We work with our clients to plan and deliver on their goals. Whether you're looking to generate qualified leads, raise awareness, build trust or launch a new product, we can help you reach the right audience and engage them in the right way. Throughout the process, we provide support and guidance to help you make an impact and deliver RIO. Find out how we can help by getting in touch with the team or by downloading our sponsorship brochure.

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Sponsorship Brochure

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