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Transport Ticketing Gala Dinner & Awards

Transport Ticketing Gala Dinner & Awards

Transport Ticketing Gala Dinner & Awards

Over the last seven year's running the awards we have seen the smart ticketing industry grow and develop all thanks to the hard work, innovation and collaborative efforts of our community. We feel that we needed to step up and throw a party worthy of your work.

In 2020 we are launching the Transport Ticketing Gala Dinner & Awards to celebrate the industry in style.  With an ever-growing number of international visitors to the event, this evening is a fantastic opportunity to recognise the growing success of the industry and celebrate with colleagues, partners, customers and friends.

The Transport Ticketing Awards are now in their 8th year.  With their inclusion as part of this gala dinner and the move to the impressive Making the Modern World hall at the Science Museum, this year’s awards are set to be more prestigious than ever.

Join us for what is set to be one of the highlights of the year. 

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Transport Ticketing Global Awards Categories

 Digital Champion

The category recognises a digital champion who has gone over and above to revolutionise passengers’ digital journeys. Whether through app or website, who has changed how customers are able to receive travel information, plan their journey end-to-end and pay by flexible means?  This award is open to individual organisations or partnerships that are responsible for developing or operating a service to make payment no longer a chore.

Most innovative customer serving operator

This category looks to celebrate the transport operator and/or technology partner that has launched, scaled or executed an exciting smart mobility programme which has positively changed how passengers interact with public transport.


Best Smart Ticketing Programme

This award recognises a transport operator or local authority that has launched a successful smart ticketing programme in the last 12 months; smart card, mobile or contactless.  The award will take into account the service user-adoption, duration and sustainability.

Smart City 2020

The category is for an authority that is utilising transport infrastructure in paving the way for a smarter city. The award will take into account service adoption, consumer experience and innovative approaches to syncing technology.

Ticketing Technology of the Year

This category is to recognise a ticketing technology or solution company which has developed a brand new product which is set to revolutionise ticketing as we know it. 


Industry Contributor

This award, chosen by our judging panel, recognises a specific individual who has significantly contributed to the development of the fare collection and passenger information market. 


Real Time Passenger Information Implementation of the Year

Introduced in 2019, this award acknowledges a transport operator and/or technology partner that has successfully implemented real-time passenger information that stands out from the competition and provides customers with an unrivalled travel experience.


Click here to view the 2020 Shortlist




Only nominations with all details of the submission completed by the deadline will be entered into the awards

Companies are allowed to nominate themselves, clients or partners

Companies are allowed to submit a nomination for more than one category

Shortlisted companies must ensure a representative from their organisation is present at the event

In order to attend the awards, you must participate in the main Transport Ticketing Global Conference on 28th - 29th January 2020



The winner of each category will receive

  • A glass trophy to take back to their organisation head office
  • A full company and project profile in our Awards hand out, distributed to all attendees
  • A profile on the event website
  • A feature in the post-event press release
  • Profile in our post-event email campaign
  • An interview post-event which will be distributed amongst our social media channels and media partners


2019 Winners

Congratulations to this year's winners and thank you to all those who joined us in celebrating their outstanding achievements. 

2019 Digital Champion

Winner: Swiss Federal Railways SBB – Nova Platform

NOVA integrates the tariffs of 250 transport companies. Over 20 distributors are already connected to the platform. More than half of all ticketing transactions in public transportation in Switzerland are processed by NOVA. New products like Modul-Abo, a freely configurable commuter pass, as well as national automatic ticketing - one swipe in/out for journeys over all networks, are a reality. 3.8M Users have a SwissPass - out of a population of 8M! We integrated transport modes like Mobility Car Sharing, Publibike, Europcar, Catch-a-Car, Ski-Passes. In the background, NOVA billing makes sure that every carrier gets his share: 2B CHF distributed so far.

The judges described NOVA as "a key enabler for genuinely seamless multi-modal travel, realised on a national scale" and said it has an "impressive level of integration, high uptake and support for MaaS".

Transport Ticketing Global Awards Swiss Federal Railways SB

Most Innovative Customer Service Operator

Transport Ticketing Global Awards - Oxford Bus Company

Winner: Oxford Bus Company (Go-Ahead Group)

PickMeUp is an on-demand ride-sharing service, effectively using demand responsive transport in a sustainable manner. It is run via downloading our app (in partnership with Via) and designating where the customer would like your journey to begin. We'll pick you up from a ‘virtual bus stop’ within a short walkable distance of where you are. The intelligent software works out the best way to take the customer and our other passengers within a reasonable route to the customer's chosen destination.

The Judges said "This on-demand scheme is ahead of the game" and "This is a really innovative hybrid development of DRT using technology to optimise the service offering and create new demand."

Best Smart Ticketing Programme

Winner: Transports Publics Fribourgeois SA and FAIRTIQ

FAIRTIQ greatly simplifies ticket purchase and requires no fixed sales/validation infrastructure. Customers obtain a valid ticket with one "swipe" on the FAIRTIQ app at the start of the journey, with another swipe at the end. Uniquely, a check out reminder is given if the customer forgets him/herself, reducing the unclosed journey level to 0.1%. Using advanced geo-location algorithms which include fraud detection logic, the system computes the journey undertaken, including intermediate changes, and calculates the fare including day capping - a massive increase in convenience as customers don't have to worry about buying the best value tickets for their journey.

Transport Ticketing Global Awards - National Express West Midlands

Runner up: City of Tshwane – A Re Yang

City of Tshwane’s vision is to develop a comprehensive integrated, safe, efficient and reliable transport system supporting a sustainable city and positioning it to meet the economic and social needs of its citizens. BRT system operating designated routes and supported by existing citywide municipal and subsidised private bus operators. CoT required cash/paper tickets with complicated zones and fare rules be eliminated; frictionless transition to bank-issued EMV cards; simple distance-based fare-structure offering concessions for pensioners and scholars; and convenient value-loading at strategic locations.  The design/build/operate contract was awarded for a 12-year period and includes a back-office, communications and reporting infrastructure.

The Judges said that the City of Tshwane – A Re Yang"offers a complete solution that benefits both operators and passengers".

Runner up

Smart City 2019

Transport Ticketing Global Awards Dubai Road and Transport Authority

Winner: Road and Transport Authority

In 2016 RTA has partnered with Dubai Municipality & Dubai Culture to integrate nol services to Dubai public parks & museums enabling visitors to pay for the entry fee with the nol card. This initiative called Smart Gates and hence improved customer experience, as there is no need to queue to buy a ticket any more. RTA also offering loyalty points to encourage users to use Nol cards for the entry.  It also improves Dubai Municipality operations by reducing significantly cash handling. This contributes to the Dubai’s vision to move towards smart & cashless society.

The Judges said that "linking transport and leasure is very much part of the smart city vision" and "This is an interesting integration of transit payments solutions with access to leisure services".

Ticketing Technology of the Year

Winner: Masabi's Justride

Justride is a Software-as-a-Service ticketing and payments platform which Masabi continually updates - adding new features and functionality. In the past twelve months, the company has made three major additions to the platform. Firstly, Justride SDK, allowing partners such as Uber, Transit, Chalo & Keolis to add mobile ticketing for public transport into existing apps, enabling MaaS. Secondly, contactless EMV which allows cities of any size and budget to deploy cEMV, which has previously been the premise of huge cities. Last of all, Account Based Ticketing using mobile barcodes and smartcards which have previously been expensive to install and operate.

The Judges said "This is revolutionary.  Opening up future technology solutions to smaller authorities and operators and integrating last mile and private services with public services is a significant development.”

Transport Ticketing Global Awards - Ticketing Technology of the year - Masabi

Runner up: Corvia Ltd, Trading as Ticketer

As demonstrated year on year, mTicketing is becoming more and more popular, allowing the shift from on-bus ticketing to more digital forms of ticketing. However, when a mTicket is simply ‘waved on’ by the driver, the operator loses any ability to record the fact that a particular passenger travelled. This lack of accounting around mTicketing means that operators are not able to see how many times an individual mTicket is used nor where their passengers are using them. Ticketer addresses this by not just ensuring the validity of the QR code, based on time and location, but extends the content of the QR code to include additional information, providing meaningful data about the transaction to the operator, essentially introducing auditability into mTickets. Amongst other benefits this allows the operator to report on mTicket usage.

The Judges said: ”has taken the UK market by storm by matching solution to customer needs"

Runner Up

Real Time Passenger Information Implementation of the Year

Transport Ticketing Global Awards - Passenger Information implementation - Transport for New South Wales

Winner: Transport for New South Wales

We implemented two IoT systems to push to our developers the real-time counts of when customers tap-on and tap-off their Opal cards in real-time on Sydney buses. We then worked with the developers to implement a visual cue to customers to inform them in real-time how full the bus was. We also developed a system to tell in real-time how much our train carriages weigh, and again worked with our developers to show a visual cue to customers in real-time on how full each carriage is. 

The Judges said: “Crowding indicator is a genuinely useful service for travellers.”


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