Transport Ticketing Awards

The Transport Ticketing Awards are always judged by an esteemed panel of industry experts. The judging panel review all the awards entries submitted before deciding on the winners and finalists for each category. View the 2022 awards categories.

The 2022 winners were announced at the Transport Ticketing Gala Dinner & Awards ceremony on 28th June 2022. View 2022 winners.

Andrew Anderson, Head of Customer Payments, Transport for London

Andrew Anderson, Head of Transformation Portfolio: Payments, Transport for LondonAndrew Anderson has worked in public transport and ticketing systems for over 25 years. Starting as Stagecoach Group's very first graduate trainee, he has worked for both operators and suppliers before joining Transport for London in 2003. Andrew was been a key member of TfL's Future Ticketing Project which delivered contactless payment acceptance, with accountability for the business and customer requirements and stakeholder management and more recently has been responsible for sponsoring a range of projects in the ticketing and payments environment including the ticketing changes to enable Night Tube, and most recently delivery of the TfL Oyster app. In addition he has defined and implemented several new ticketing projects and initiatives which have been pivotal in Oyster's evolution, such as the launch of pay as you go on Oyster, the development of the Oyster photocard for child free travel concessionary schemes and the expansion of pay as you go to National Rail services in London. Andrew is responsible for the product life cycle for TfL's revenue collection systems and is now leading on the ticketing system changes to support Crossrail and the introduction of Weekly Capping for Oyster customers.

Ralph Gambetta, General Secretary, Calypso Network Association

Ralph Gambetta, Calypso Network Association; Judge at the 2016 Transport Ticketing AwardsRalph Gambetta, Managing Director of Temco GmbH, has a management and a politics background with PhD as well as a strong involvement into the transportation sector. Before joining in 1997 Temco GmbH he has been active in various transport companies such as German Railway, International Railway Union (UIC) and RATP (Paris metro and bus operator). Projects have included the successful smart card project CALYPSO (Contact And contactLess telematics platform Yielding a citizen Pass integrating urban Services and financial Operations) and SINCE project (Secure and Interoperable Networking for Contactless in Europe). Since 2005 he is in charge of promotion at Calypso Networks Association (CNA) and the deployment of smart ticketing schemes. Recently his function at CNA was extended to General Secretary. Further, he is a member of the German standardisation committee of information technology and smart cards and vice chair of the Smart Ticketing Alliance.

Jeremy Meal, Delivery Director – Fares and Smart Ticketing Projects, Independent Fares and Ticketing Consultant

Jeremy Meal

Jeremy has extensive leadership experience implementing fares and smart ticketing systems, balancing the needs of improving passengers' experiences, with commercial and social objectives of Operators and Government/Local Authorities.

In the early 1980s he delivered one of the earliest successful multi-modal electronic ticketing systems in the UK through integration of buses with the new Metro in Tyne and Wear whilst post bus-deregulation leading Busways' fares team and the annual revenue budgeting process that was characterised by further innovative electronic ticketing (Faresaver local passes to cash-starve the competitor). Joining MVA in 1990 (which became part of SYSTRA later that decade), Jeremy helped to deliver the world class TransitLink Farecard by 1992 and through the associated integration and re-deployment of buses in 14 phases saw the MRT patronage soar from 375,000 a day to over 1 million within 18 months with very little or no adverse impact of fares on passengers.

Between 1999 and 2018 Jeremy was instrumental in the design and roll-out of the ITSO specification in the UK that led to over 10 million compliant concession cards being in circulation nationally by 2008 and numerous commercial schemes have followed; many led by the team at SYSTRA on behalf of clients under his leadership. Jeremy left full-time employment with SYSTRA last year but is retained as an Independent currently advising numerous English Councils on Concessionary Travel for 2019-20 and beyond, picking up on familiar work he did in Scotland on reimbursement in the 1990s, pre-ITSO.

Jeremy is passionate about the fares subject matter being addressed from first principles (why are we wanting to do that?!!!) but also after learning the lessons of history (what? not again!).

Louise Coward, Head of Insight, Transport Focus

Louise Coward

Louise has worked in research and insight for more than fifteen years and for Transport Focus for the last five years. From 2012 to 2016 she managed the joint DfT and Transport Focus programme, which made sure that passengers’ views on smart ticketing were understood and taken forward in plans for the future. She now works more widely across transport research projects, although maintaining responsibility for smart ticketing work. Before joining Transport Focus she worked in various research agencies on a range of projects for government and commercial clients in education, health, transport, financial and other sectors.

Transport Focus is the independent watchdog for public transport users, covering rail, bus, tram and coach users. It was previously known as Passenger Focus until 2015, when it took on responsibility for looking after users of the Strategic Road Network in England in a similar capacity. It is an evidence-based organisation and conduct and publish multiple projects every year, from the National Rail Passenger Survey to smaller ad-hoc projects, which we use to inform and influence Government and the relevant industries. Its aim is to make a difference for passengers and road users.

Katherine Conrad, Director, NEORide


Currently the Director for NEORide.  Katherine oversees the day-to-day needs of 17 transit members across Ohio, Kentucky, and Michigan, including executing special projects, grants, and marketing.  In 2019, she spearheaded the effort to launch EZfare the largest multi-county mobile ticketing system in the country.  Her focus is on expanding regional transportation and coordinated services.  She has been able to obtain over $5 million in state and federal funding for NEORide agencies to make this work possible. In 2020, she was awarded the APTA Annual Grand Prize for “Best Partnership to Increase Ridership” and first prize in 2021 for “Best Marketing and Communications on COVID-19”. 

Before joining NEORide, Katherine was the Director of Planning at the Portage Area Regional Transit Authority and SARTA for a combined ten years.   During this time, Ms. Conrad received millions in federal and state grants, lead a full transit redesign project and created innovative new marketing and transit programs that have been replicated across the country. In addition, Katherine has been involved on government and lobbying efforts on the state and national level. Before coming to transit, Katherine was a Vice President Burges & Burges the leading strategic planning and political consulting firm in the State of Ohio. 

Katherine is a graduate of the University of Akron with a master’s degree in Public Administration and an Undergraduate in Political Science. 

Stuart Barker, Portfolio Director, Transport Ticketing

Stuart Barker

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