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The Transport Ticketing Global Awards give the public transport community a platform to celebrate and recognise the fantastic developments the sector has to offer and showcase the amazing achievements from within our industry.

With more nominations than ever before, deciding on the winners was no easy task for our panel of judges. We'd like to thank our judging board for the time, commitment and detail they put into reading through all of the submissions and deciding on the winners of each category.

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The Winners

Most Successful Mobile Ticketing Programme

Masabi & Transport for Athens

What the judges said: Transport for Athens has introduced an all around fantastic transport solution for the city in partnership with Masabi. As the first multi-modal, mobile ticketing programme accessbile in a capital city, the scale of this project and the popularity with customers are extremely impressive.

Most Successful Mobile ticketing winner at #showname#

Best Smart Card Ticketing Service

IETT General Management

What the judges said: IETT General Management should be commended for creating a comprehensive solution which is multi-modal and multi-operator. Their innovative programme has clear passenger benefits and the high-level of adoption and continued growth are clear indication of how well this product suited audience demands. The scale and achievements of this programme are impressive. With 98% penetration, and 20 million cards in circulation this appears to be a hugely successful scheme which will have transformed the lives of millions.

Best Smart Card Ticketing Service winner at #showname#

Most Innovative Real-Time Passenger Information Initiative


What the judges said: OASTH have successfully developed a passenger information service for the elderly and visually impaired. By targeting the minority groups (partially sighted, the elderly), who are often forgotten in the rush to create apps, this is a highly laudable programme. This is a fantastic example of how technology can be used for social inclusion and to cater to a large and important demographic.

Most Innovative Passenger Info winner at #showname#

Best Customer Serving Operator

Tallinna Transpordiamet (Tallinn Transport Department) & Ridango

What the judges said: Talinna have introduced a great public transport incentivisation scheme by providing free park-and-ride parking if the passenger uses public transport that day. The accountbased smartcard park and ride solution has driven impressive growth in usage from 1300 to 3200 vehicles in 9 months. The programme has shown real contribution in decreasing pollution and car ridership in the city centre. A great example of integration between public and private transport that is popularly accepted by the public!

Best Customer Serving Operator winner at #showname#

Ticketing Technology of the Year


What the judges said: HopOn have produced an innovative approach to multi-modal validation with the use of BLE and ultrasonic making the solution work with all mobile devices, not just those with NFC. This is revolutionary in the local market and will reuce boarding time on buses and bikes. The large-scale deployment to date has shown great ease of use for passengers and the potential to personalize the customer experience gives great potential for future urban mobility opportunities.

Ticketing Technology of the year winner at #showname#

Industry Contributor

Ben Whitaker

What the judges said: Ben Whitaker has shown himself to be a true visionary, a pioneer and a trendsetter in the industry. Masabi have had a major impact on the deployment of mobile ticketing solutions around the world, Ben has been behind much of the innovation that has made this possible. His customer-led approach, ability to communicate with all audiences and passionate advocacy for mobile ticketing has given public transport increased exposure on the mainstream agenda.

Industry Contributor winner at #showname#

Transport Ticketing Global is super, anyone you want know or see is here. We have had plenty of strong leads from international buyers, some of which have been serious conversations. Highly recommended!

Jan-Erik Anderson, Business Development Manager, Rambus Ecebs

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