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About Smart Transport Dragons` Den

The Smart Transport Dragons Den provides up to four up and coming start-ups the opportunity to pitch their product to the entire public transport sector. This is the opportunity to showcase their work to a qualified audience of senior transport operators and technology companies.

This is an exciting, energetic format for showcasing each start-ups product to an audience of industry thought leaders. Not only will they be able to hear questions and feedback from the industry but they are also in an arena which enables them to directly answer these. Therefore it is a fantastic opportunity to ‘test the water’ with their product and stir up some early buyer interest.

The format

3 – 4 companies will be given the opportunity to do a 10 minute pitch about their new product or programme. They will then have 15 minutes of questioning from the Dragons and the audience. Once all the pitches are complete the Dragons will vote who they believe has the strongest product.

Though there is no cash prize or guaranteed funding for the winner, previous contestants at our sister events have gone on to receive investment from buyers and venture capitalists present at the event.

Our winner will be included in our post event report, receive a dedicated announcement on our website and email campaign – and of course the opportunity to impress future partners or investors.

Our criteria for start-ups is that they must be under a £1million in revenue, 24 months or younger and new to the event.


The Dragons:

Matthew Hudson, Head of Business Development, Transport for London

Aaron Ross, Managing Director EMEA, Vix Technology

Tanja Kufner, Managing Director, Startupbootcamp  Smart Transportation & Energy

Quote from our partner Startupbootcamp Smart Transportation & Energy:

"Startups are integral to the evolution of the transport industry. These young companies are born out of the perspective of the user. Often times the founders of these companies have seen or experienced a problem that larger companies have missed. Startups spur the industry forward with their fresh ideas and are disrupting the traditional business models of larger corporations. This encourages larger companies to think differently and start focusing on solving new problems and tackling new challenges they haven’t looked at before."

About Startupbootcamp: 

Founded in 2010, Startupbootcamp is a global network of industry-focused startup accelerators, running 15 programmes in 10 cities, across three continents. More than 300 startups have been accelerated by Startupbootcamp, of which 73% have received funding. With a program in Berlin since 2012, the dedicated Smart Transportation & Energy program started in 2014. Further information can be found at

The Pitchers:


Smart Transport Dragons' Den Pitcher Waltz

Waltz is a leading innovator in intelligent mobile transit fare payment and real estate access control systems, having pioneered a simple access control system that provides a secure, fast, and efficient transaction from any smartphone. Transit agencies can integrate the Waltz platform with any turnstile, bus, or other point of entry for fare payment and delivery of real-time curated information to riders.  Similarly, buildings can easily transition from keycards to the app-based building portal that grants entry in lobbies, elevators, and upper floors, in addition to delivering improvements such as secure automated guest entry and building notifications.  The sleek, app-based infrastructure, robust and highly scalable data management platform and low-cost hardware make transit and real estate deployments simple and easy.  Transit agencies and building owners can also realize additional revenue streams and cost offsets by incorporating digital advertising in conjunction with one of Waltz’s media partners, leading to dramatic reductions in capital and operating cost outlays.

Waltz is committed to enriching the urban experience by moving sustainable transit into the future and making cities more accessible to residents and visitors.  The Waltz solution set is an unmatched offering in both transit and real estate, and creates a future-ready platform for expanded utility opportunities in everyday spend retail.


Smart Transport Dragons' Den Pitcher GoAppified

GoAppified is a Danish FinTech company founded in April 2015. GoAppified believes in digital self services and is specialised in building the digital infrastructure for payments and back-end in a future of seamless ticketing ecosystems and validation by the presence and proximity of passengers and customers. GoAppified is the company behind the MobilePay box, which is a two-way beacon with BLE, WiFi, NFC and QR-code designed for Denmark's largest bank, Danske Bank. 30,000 units have been sold in the Scandinavian countries. 

GoAppified has recently launched its own Payment Switch, a P2PE solution in the cloud, and is the first company in the payment industry to introduce its own mobile EMV All-in-One payment terminal with built-inMobilePay. GoAppified has also been choosen by Flytoget in Norway to deploy Seamless Ticketing with integration of a beacon infrastructure for micro payments in an open platform

Winner: Zify

Smart Transport Dragons' Den Pitcher Zify

Zify is an AI based dynamic & instant carpooling application for short & medium distance carpooling. In the last 12 months, Zify has facilitated more than 2 Million successful trips and is the 2nd largest carpooling application for short & medium distance daily commuting. Zify socially connects car owners & passengers who are traveling in the same direction based on their location, route & preferences. Users can pay cashless using the in-build Zify wallet and rate their ride experience to enhance the community. Zify is the market leader in India & Ireland and is also available across the EU region.

Interview with Smart Ticketing Dragons’ Den Winner - Anurag S. Rathor, Zify

[Rebecca Pinner] Could you share with us why Zify  joined the Smart Transport Dragons Den?

[Anurag S. Rathor] - London is one of the largest & a vibrant city. It is also one of the most congested cities in the world. Often, some of the best innovations and best practices have been formulated & designed in London. So when we got to know about the conference with attendees from leaders in the public & private transportation groups/departments, we knew we have to participate and showcase our technology & the innovative ways through which we are solving the global gridlock problem. Moreover, it also meant identifying potential partners & collaborations.


[RP] How did you come by the idea for Zify, what was the main pain point?

[AR] - The growing number of cars, traffic congestion & pollution which resulted in huge economic losses were the main driving factors to identify a solution for this global gridlock problem, primarily based on the sharing of available resources. Clearly carpooling solves these problems up to a large extent, however, the traditional ways of carpooling were tedious to organize & manage, unreliable & ineffective. Zify makes carpooling a seamless experience using automation, artificial intelligence & a much more contextual matching mechanism to make it much safer, reliable & easy to manage. At the end of the day, not only we are helping individuals save on their commuting cost and reduce CO2 emissions, but also making our communities more engaged & closer to each other.


[RP] What’s next on the horizon for Zify?

[AR] - Technology & our domain knowledge is our biggest USP and with Zify we have brought many innovations into carpooling technology. We would continue to do so as we move ahead on our path to becoming the No 1 carpooling application in the world. Although I cannot divulge much information on our future plans but just to give you an idea, we are working on creating a much more collaborative ecosystem of personal transportation with other leaders in the space, governments & corporates. 

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