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Smart Transport Dragons' Den at Transport Ticketing Global 2018


About the Smart Transport Dragons` Den

The Smart Transport Dragons' Den provides up-and-coming start-ups the opportunity to pitch their product to the entire public transport sector. This is the opportunity to showcase their work to a qualified audience of senior transport operators and technology companies.

This is an exciting, energetic format for showcasing each start-up's product to an audience of industry thought leaders. Not only will they be able to hear questions and feedback from the industry but they are also in an arena which enables them to directly answer these. Therefore it is a fantastic opportunity to ‘test the waters’and stir up some early buyer interest.

The format

3 companies were given the opportunity to do a 5 minute pitch about their new product or programme. They then had 10 minutes of questioning from the Dragons and the audience. Once all the pitches were complete the Dragons voted who they believed had the strongest product.

Though there was no cash prize or guaranteed funding for the winner, previous contestants at our sister events have gone on to receive investment from buyers and venture capitalists present at the event.

Our winner will be included in our post event report, receive a dedicated announcement on our website and email campaign - and of course the opportunity to impress future partners or investors.
Our criteria for start-ups is that they must be under a £1 million in revenue, 24 months or younger and new to the event.



Alchera Technologies, Pitcher at the 2019 Smart Ticketing Dragons' Den

Alchera provides absolute, real-time data on vehicle and pedestrian counts and movements around cities and major infrastructure. We use an AI-powered software platform to do this at lower cost, larger scale and with greater reliability than current solutions.

There is an unmet demand for real-time mobility data of over £6bn per year. Sensor technologies capable of providing this information exist today and there is an increasing range and volume of data sources around a city. However, existing sources are fragmented and siloed; most potential users do not have access to these, nor can they justify the cost of bespoke new installations to generate accurate, granular data at scale.

Our platform uses advanced Machine Learning to ingest and fuse data from existing large-scale sensor and video networks around a city to build an enriched, multi-layered dataset. Our technology is rapidly scalable and provides accuracy to the level of an individual object (whilst maintaining privacy-by-design). We make this data available to owners, operators and enterprise users of city infrastructure, via an easy-to-use API, to help them understand historic, real-time and future activity and to implement new data-driven products and services.

Our largest system deployment currently in use combines thousands of sensor sources and performs hundreds of thousands of measurements every day to provide up to the minute data to transport analysts, smart mobility operators and enterprise users. This represents the only demonstration of absolute, real-time traffic counts and classifications, at city scale, in the UK today.

Our goal is to provide reliable real-time data to enable dynamic and responsive mobility applications around cities (for example: congestion management; dynamic pricing of road usage; V2X communications for autonomous vehicles; responsive scheduling of mass transit; etc.). We see this as a critical step towards realising the potential of Smarter Cities.

For more information, please visit:


2019 Pitchers

Hello Lamp Post, Pitcher at the 2019 Smart Transport Dragons' Den

Hello Lamp Post is a human-centric citizen engagement platform, that encourages people to strike up playful text conversations with any street object using their mobile phones. Topics vary from project to project and include sustainability, mobility as a service, alternative transportation and autonomous vehicles. HLP brings cities to life, allowing people to playfully interact with their built environment, whilst collecting data and insights from these interactions to better inform the development and planning of cities of the future.

We help governments and other organisations better understand citizens, while also helping the public feedback to their city in a playful, human-centric way. HLP allows cities to give citizens a role in urban design; providing a platform to express their thoughts, ideas, feelings, and share with fellow citizens. HLP encourages an honest feedback loop; enabling improved services and better quality of life for citizens.

HLP bridges the gap between city and citizen and encourages people to look at their city with fresh eyes. It gives citizens a chance to slow down, reflect and feedback to their city. HLP makes the planning of our communities more centred around the needs and ideas of its citizens, enabling true co-creation of happier, more liveable cities.

For more information, please visit:


Netclearance, Pitcher at the 2019 Smart Transport Dragons' Den

Netclearance specialise in enabling open contactless payments through BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy). They have established use cases in unattended payments, mass transit, IoT payments, banking and retail with their largest customer Danske Bank in Denmark, where 4m people are using their solution for their MobilePay wallet to perform mobile payments daily.

They have now developed a range of payment acceptance devices and APIs that can retrofit transit existing ticket validators and payment terminals at a low cost by using the in-built standard SAM slot, so they can connect to bespoke smart phone wallets and apps using a bi-directional, dynamically attenuated signal which can also emulate Mifare and Cipurse over BLE.

This solution not only provides smarter payments but provides an already market proven alternative to card-based NFC and QR code systems, with higher speeds and a high level of security to eliminate risk from possible phishing attacks. It delivers an opportunity to by-pass existing credit card rails on both iOS and Android platforms alike, which could result in considerable savings for Operating Companies and Agencies wishing to build their own closed-loop payment solutions and utilise their own bespoke apps.

Netclearance's payment acceptance devices not only enable payments, but also make it possible to engage with passengers at point of ticket sale and throughout the journey and can also deliver marketing and loyalty campaigns along with presence analytics for tracking customer journeys, footfall and dwell times.

For more information, please visit:



FAIRTIQ, public transport made easy

FAIRTIQ is the easiest way to buy a ticket for public transport. The check-in/check-out app. combines a user-friendly user interface with intelligent algorithms that make it extremely easy to use: Thanks to the simplest handling, passengers can use FAIRTIQ to buy the right ticket without any prior knowledge with one click only.

The company was founded in 2016 by former Head of Sales of Swiss Feder Railways SBB, Gian-Mattia Schucan together with a team of public transport sales and IT experts. The FAIRTIQ app was launched in April 2016 in three Swiss tariff communities has been successfully in use since then in a growing number of tariff communities and soon all over Switzerland. Additionally, we are the partner of choice for SBB. The company also has pilot projects with Dutch National Railways and several tariff communities and public transport operators in Germany in Austria. So far, more than 600'000 journeys have been made with FAIRTIQ.

The patent-pending "check-in, assisted check-out" technology reminds customers to check-out if they forget to do so after exiting the bus or train. This reduces missed check-out and reduces time-consuming, frustrating customer service support costs. At the moment, we are at a level of one forgotten check out in 700 journeys whereby the algorithms for recognizing the checkout is constantly optimized.

Following their win, we spoke to FAIRTIQ's CEO, Gian-Mattia Schucan about their business and plans for the future:

Could you share with us why FAIRTIQ joined the Smart Transport Dragons’ Den?
As a startup it's always valuable to have exposure to both experts in the sector and in the investment world. The Smart Transport Dragons’ Den seemed like an ideal opportunity to have both at the same time.
How did you come by the idea for FAIRTIQ, what was the main pain point?
At the outset was the challenge to provide the best possible ease of use for the public transport customers while at the same time avoiding the enormous infrastructure cost normally associated with Tap-In/Tap-out systems. Furthermore, our hardware-free approach allows us to expand into new geographies extremely quickly.
What’s next on the horizon for FAIRTIQ?
After having established a solid market presence in our home market Switzerland hardly a couple of years into our existence, we now want to grow into more countries. We already run pilots in Holland with NS and in Germany and Austria. First promising conversations in the UK are also underway.

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