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Fireside Chat: Implementing a Nationwide Ticketing System: Examining the Netherlands

06 Mar 2024
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Implementing a new fare payment solution in a city can be daunting. Implementing it in a country with a population of 17.5 million people, 355 municipalities, and dozens of individual public transport operators would seem like an impossible task, yet the Netherlands is on a path to deliver a common nationwide fare payment system. 
Hear from the implementation leads how it was conceptualized, how obstacles were identified and overcome, and how numerous stakeholders came together to deliver what is a world-leading mobility payment solution that will deliver for public transport and extend into the MaaS ecosystem.
Andy Taylor, Director-Urban Mobility - Mastercard
Marco Kartman, Business Innovator - Translink Systems
Peter Stuurman, Senior Solution Consultant - EMS/Fiserv