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What are the key organisational and technological factors at the base of a successful MaaS ecosystem? The use case of UnicoCampania in Italy

06 Mar 2024
Theatre 3

Join this session to learn how Almaviva has supported the digital transformation of Unico Campania and the creation of the MaaS ecosystem of the Campania Region in Italy. Unico Campania, together with Almaviva, has developed the Tap&Go® system based on transit EMV cards and domestic payment circuit. Travelers, tourists or citizens, moving around Campania Region, can access the LPT operated by 14 Companies. The MOOVA Best fare calculator applies multiple fares zones, from single trips, to hourly integrated and daily tickets. The Unico Campania Use Case shows that integration and cooperation between the various stakeholders underlying an integrated mobility ecosystem requires the implementation of an organizational structure, supported by a shared technological scenario.

Fabio Mario Rizzo, Project Manager - Almaviva
Guido Cangiano, CTO - UnicoCampania

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