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Powerhouse Debate: Open loop vs closed loop

05 Mar 2024
Theatre 1
  • Overall, does open loop lower the cost of fare collection for most transit agencies?
  • Which costs should agencies rolling out open-loop payments be prepared for (and sometimes are not)? Transaction fees? Keeping terminals certified? Fraud and chargebacks?
  • Can agencies trust the financial industry to handle all their fares, or should they hedge their bets with closed loop?
  • Some agencies are planning to support concessionary discounts with open loop, others are not. What are the issues?
  • Most experts believe agencies still need closed loop; does this tend to limit use of open loop to visitors and other occasional riders
Dan Balaban, Editor - Mobility Payments
Bence Nagy, Head of Digital Channels - BKK Centre for Budapest Transport
Russell Green, Head of Emerging Verticals - Europe - Elavon
Takahito Sahoda, Senior Manager - East Japan Railway Company
David Bibby, Senior Manager, International Strategy and Sales Enablement - Discover Financial Services