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The year AI went viral: how did it happen and what does it mean?

05 Mar 2024
Theatre 1

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been in the news regularly for more than a decade, but 2023 was the year it truly took off. In the first 6 months of 2023, ChatGPT became the most rapidly adopted online service in history. For the first time, everyone in the world could access powerful general purpose AI tools, and since then, there has been a gold rush to explore the possible applications of this startling new technology. The signs are that the new era of generative AI heralded by ChatGPT will affect every sector of the economy. So why, after AI had been so prominent for a decade, did it finally take off in 2023? Is the excitement realistic or just hype? Where is the technology going, and what does it mean for transport ticketing? In this talk, Professor Michael Wooldridge from Oxford University will lead us through these issues, and help to understand the true power and potential of the new AI.

Michael Wooldridge, Professor of Computer Science, Director of Foundational AI Research - University of Oxford, The Alan Turing Institute

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