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Advancing Inclusivity through Universal Tokenization in Public Transit Payments - Supported by Visa

05 Mar 2024

Join us for an engaging discussion on the role of universal tokenization in fostering inclusivity within public transit payment systems. This roundtable will delve into how this technology can provide an inclusive and accessible payment option, addressing real-world challenges in the public transit payment landscape. Participants will share their unique insights and experiences on how tokenization can bolster security, privacy, and interoperability to spark innovation in the ticketing industry. 

The roundtable will be spearheaded by Visa's Ken Ritchie. He will guide the conversation and facilitate the exchange of ideas among participants, bringing together diverse perspectives and experiences from across urban mobility. 

Lawrence Sutton, Principal Consultant - Consult Hyperion
Ken Ritchie, Senior Director, Head of Solutions Management and Delivery, Global Urban Mobility - Visa

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