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Powerhouse Debate: Revolutionising Transit Ticketing: The power of card virtualisation

05 Mar 2024
Theatre 3

Join this panel to explore the unique value proposition of transit cards in OEM mobile wallets and how they differ from transit operator apps, traditional cEMV payment cards. 

  • Explore how card virtualisation technology is transforming the way commuters' access, pay & use transit services, making mobility more convenient and user-friendly. 

  • Discuss the enhanced customer experience, security advantages, cost savings and data benefits offered by virtual cards. 

  • Learn how card virtualisation ensures adaptability and scalability for transit systems, paving the way for future innovation in fare collection and wider mobility services 

Tim Jefferson, Senior Consultant - FirstPartner
Olivier Briand, Head of EMEA Business Development - NXP
Mark Langmead, Director Revenue & Compass Operations - Translink Vancouver
Stuart McLay, Head of Retail - National Express Bus
Denys Nazarenko, Advisor to CIO - Kyiv City State Administration