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Panel Discussion; Overcoming the barriers to launching PAYG on UK Rail – integrating a national rail service into the independent regional PAYG schemes

06 Mar 2024
Theatre 3

In this session, colleagues from across the industry (GBRTT, RDG, DfT, TfWM & TfGM) will explain their role in delivering meaningful change to customers via the PAYG pilots. Their 'one team, one plan' mentality to Fares, Ticketing & Retail is proven in this working example of how multiple organisations can come together and commit to deliver improvements to the industry and our customers. 

Dave Busby, Consultant - Transport Revenue Consultants
John Backway, Head of Digital Ticketing Services - Rail Delivery Group
Matthew Lewis, Technical Director SWIFT - Transport for West Midlands
Stewart Fox-Mills, FTR Programme Director - Great British Railways
Timothy Woodward, Head of Fares, Ticketing and Retail Strategy - Department for Transport
Megan Spencer-Rigby, PAYG Director - Great British Railways
Simon Elliott, Head of Rail - Transport for Greater Manchester

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