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Panel Discussion: ABT - a wonderful opportunity or a major headache?

05 Mar 2024
Theatre 1
  • Discuss how ABT can simplify the passenger experience, allowing for seamless multi-modal travel with a single account and the potential benefits this offers to riders.
  • Address the complexities and hurdles that agencies and operators may face when transitioning to ABT systems, including technological, financial and operational challenges.  
  • Examine the privacy and security considerations associated with ABT ticketing, and how these concerns can be addressed to build trust among passengers and stakeholders.
  • Key considerations to discuss with your solution providers for a successful and sustainable ABT migration.
Lawrence Sutton, Principal Consultant - Consult Hyperion
Eluska Renedo-Illarregi, CEO - Gipuzkoa Transport Authority
Ken Ritchie, Senior Director, Head of Solutions Management and Delivery, Global Urban Mobility - Visa
Dr Dheeraj Bhardwaj, Group CEO - City Group
Nyiko Ashley Nkuna, Head of Digital Products and MaaS - Gautrain Management Agency