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Demystifying Bus Fares Through the Provision of Open Data

05 Mar 2024
Theatre 2
In this insightful presentation, we tackle the challenge of demystifying bus fares by leveraging the potential of open data. Understanding that transparent and accessible fare information is fundamental to fostering passenger trust and encouraging public transit use, we explore innovative ways to transform the fare experience. The discussion delves into the benefits of providing open data on bus fares, emphasising the need for clear and standardised information that is easily accessible to passengers. We showcase how open data initiatives can eliminate confusion, improve fare transparency, and empower passengers to make informed decisions about their journeys. Key topics include the integration of open data in developing user-friendly mobile apps, enabling passengers to plan their trips, estimate costs, and choose the most cost-effective routes. We also explore the role of open data in promoting integrated ticketing systems, ensuring seamless transitions across different modes of transportation. 
Triumph Okojie, Digital Projects Lead, Bus Open Data Service - Department for Transport

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