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Panel Discussion; COVID-19: An Opportunity for MaaS?

25 Nov 2020

In the years and months before the Coronavirus outbreak, MaaS was clearly the wave of the future. While COVID-19 might have shifted the focus slightly, it has not stopped the development of MaaS. This panel will discuss:

  • The role of payments in delivering the future of Mobility as a Service. The role of contactless payments and MaaS in driving Mobility & the role of ABT and open loop payments in the growth of MaaS
  • Account Based MaaS, subscription-based MaaS or delivering MaaS within app? – which type of MaaS will prove most popular?
  • Global Models for Mobility Payments for Transportation and MaaS Services
  • Legal frameworks for MaaS – who’s in charge? Government or private sector: who takes the lead?
  • What will be the winning business model for a MaaS provider?
  • The role of Maas in a post COVID-19 world
Søren Sørensen, MaaS Ambassador and Facilitator - SFMCON ApS
Mark Langmead, Director Revenue & Compass Operations - Translink Vancouver
Piia Karjalainen, Secretary General - MaaS Alliance
Aurélien Cottet, MaaS expert, Elected - Board Director - MaaS Alliance

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