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Transport Ticketing Awards Winners 2018

2018 Digital Champion


FAIRTIQ is a mobile public transport ticketing application based on check-in, assisted check-out (CIACO). Users purchase a valid ticket with one 'swipe'. At the end of the trip, the user only has to swipe-off to finish the journey. If the user forgets to check-out, he or she receives a vibrational reminder, bringing their forgotten check-out rate to 0.14%.

FAIRTIQ is running in 12 tariff communities in Switzerland with 20 public transport companies as partners.

FAIRTIQ has promising sales pipelines in four European countries and is implementing a B2B marketing strategy to gain more traction. Once FAIRTIQ covers Europe, the vision is to bring FAIRTIQ to the world so that you can get the right ticket for the best price possible with one swipe only.

The judges describe CIACO as ticking "every box in terms of providing a very customer-centric solution, removing friction, reducing costs, increasing boarding times and moving with the times."

They believe it "is a new and useful concept" which is "More than a pilot; has scale and a pipeline."

"Sounds revolutionary. Genuine cost savings."

Transport Ticketing Awards 2018 Digital Champion - FAIRTIQ

Most Innovative Customer Serving Operator

National Express West Midlands & Masabi

Transport Ticketing Awards 2018 Most Innovative Customer Serving Operator - National Express West Midlands & Masabi

National Express partnered with Masabi to connect their existing web portal to their new mobile ticketing app for entitlement fulfilment via an API interface (External Orders API). This meant that students could order their student pass online and get them sent directly to their mticketing app for activation and use.

National Express surveyed their passengers to get feedback on the new service. 40% stated that they are now travelling more frequently by bus because they are using the app. In the first two months alone the External Orders API increased revenues processed through the app by over 100%.

Masabi and National Express will be working together to increase adoption further and get more young people using this highly convenient ticketing solution.

The judges described National Express and Masabi’s ticketing app as a "Great example of public private partnership offering real benefit" which "mobilises the less affluent members of society as well as embracing multi-device activity, offering a seamless experience."

Best Smart Ticketing Programme

Stagecoach Group & Vix Technology

Stagecoach was only able to accept cash or pre-purchased smart products from passengers, and was looking to improve upon the success of the existing ITSO smart scheme and offer more ways to pay, ultimately providing a giant leap forward in passenger convenience. In October 2016, this goal became reality with the deployment of cEMV on 200 buses in Oxford, putting the city and its transit system ahead of competitors and becoming the first operator outside of London to have cEMV on its fleet.

Vix's cEMV solution has given Stagecoach on-board ticket machines that enable the purchase of paper and smart products, using contactless credit or debit cards as well as Apple Pay and Android Pay for no additional charge, making it easier than ever for passengers to catch the bus.

Millions are now benefiting from the new technology, which should help speed up boarding and mean customers no longer need to carry cash. The scheme has also been hailed recently as Visa's fastest growing transit contactless scheme in Europe. By the end of 2018, this state-of-the-art technology will be live on all of Stagecoach's 7,500 buses in England, Scotland and Wales - equivalent to nearly one in four buses outside London.

The judges considered cEMV deployment as 'Sustainable' as "Customers want to pay with bank cards and not carry change. Now they can."

"cEMV deployment with volume and geographical scale with variable fares (not just flat fare on bus)."

Transport Ticketing Awards 2018 Best Smart Ticketing Programme - Stagecoach Group & Vix Technology

Smart City 2018


Transport Ticketing Awards 2018 Smart City 2018 - Tranzer

Applications that offer tickets are only the tickets for one specific Public transport operator. Tranzer offers all operators and their tickets in one app. In addition, Tranzer compares public transport fees with taxi fees (fastest and cheapest). And bikes will be offered soon. Tranzer is built on APIs with Public transport operators and Tranzer is an API itself.

In The Netherlands, 90% of the public transport network is available in Tranzer since May 2017. Tranzer has 1000 users from all over the world.

Together with one of the largest Public Transport operators in the world, Transdev, (they) will enroll Tranzer through the rest of the world.

Cooperating with Leaseplan (a car lease company) to offer the Tranzer service in the Leaseplan app, in order to motivate car drivers to take public transport. Tranzer are doing the same with the ANWB.

The judges said "Tranzer is addressing customer choice, reducing complexity, offering cost-savings to the end user, and simplifying the purchase by offering all the data in one app."

They're "Impressive in ambition" and having the app available to "90% of public transport" provides a "great consumer experience."

Ticketing Technology of the Year

ByteToken Ltd
Runner up - Snapper Services Ltd.

ByteToken, along with Thales, created AirGate, the world's first truly 'frictionless' ticketing technology.

AirGate differs from existing services and competitors as it is the first of its kind in the world. Using specialised Bluetooth locators along with 3D imaging, a passenger's location can be precisely determined within a specified area. This technology allows Bytetoken to offer a truly hands-free experience, automatically opening the fare-gate to allow the passenger to enter without presenting a ticket.

On February 9th, 2017, ByteToken, successfully demonstrated a Proof of Concept of AirGate (originally called KeyPass), to a group of industry experts, train operating companies and press. Following on from the demonstration, ByteToken have engaged in further discussions with a number of UK and International Transport operators who are considering the opportunity to conduct pilot projects that would ultimately see the AirGate system installed in live train station environments.

The judges described ByteToken as "literally removing barriers, something which can cause great frustration to the regular commuter, but also to the casual user."

The solution is "genuinely innovative."


Transport Ticketing Awards 2018 Ticketing Technology of the Year - ByteToken Ltd

Industry Contributor

Stephanie Rivet, Digital Director, Stagecoach

Transport Ticketing Awards 2018 Industry Contributor - Stephanie Rivet, Digital Director, Stagecoach


Stephanie is collaborative and passionate about the digital strategy for Stagecoach, and for the industry as a whole. She encourages her team to put the passenger first and consider ways to streamline the operations whilst delivering value and innovating in a cost-effective manner.

The Shortlist

2018 Digital Champion

The ESP Group  
Snapper Services Ltd  
Siemens Mobility Management   

Most Innovative Customer Serving Operator

Go-Ahead Group PLC  
Parkeon Transportation  
Transport for London and Cubic Transportation Systems  
Verkéiersverbond | Communauté des Transports  
Greater Anglia and Scheidt & Bachmann  
NYC Ferry  
National Express West Midlands & Masabi  - Unlocking access to education and reducing deprivation 

Best Smart Ticketing Programme

Abellio ScotRail  
TravelMaster (SCR Ticketing Company Limited)  
DBUS-Compañía del Tranvía de San Sebastián  
Nacion Servicios  
National Express West Midlands and Masabi
Stagecoach Group and Vix Technology 

Smart City 2018

Tranzer, buy the ticket take the ride  
Las Vegas Monorail Company  
TAO Orelans Metropole in partnership with Keolis, Kisio and Masabi for PlanBookTicket  
Romanian Smart City and Mobility Association 

Ticketing Technology of the Year

Go-Ahead Group plc, Littlepay and Ticketer  
Wizway Solutions  
Metro and Tram division of the City of Amsterdam  
Confidex Ltd.  
ByteToken, Ltd  
Snapper Services Ltd  

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