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Interview with Miki Szikszai

Interview with Miki Szikszai

Miki Szikszai, CEO at Snapper


Miki Szikszai is CEO of Snapper,  a leading provider of payment services particularly to the transport sector. 




Mobility As A Service will be a key feature of your presentation at Transport Ticketing Global.   How do you seen this new concept impacting on transport ticketing and payments?

[MS] Mobility as a Service is a response to the rapidly changing role of urban transport. As a result of major technology shifts, most importantly the maturity of the smartphone, new ways are emerging that allow customers to move from one place to another, taking into account their preferences for cost, convenience and comfort. The role of ticketing and payments will subsequently change from being a product that provides access to a transport network to an important feature that is used by customers to pay for specific journeys.

How can Snapper potentially or actually make a positive contribution to the development of MaaS, particularly smart ticketing?

[MS] Snapper's experience comes from abstracting the complexity of existing proprietary ticketing systems so that that they can easily integrate into modern technologies, with a clear focus on smartphones.  This is particularly important given the expectations that existing ticketing systems will need to endure for some time yet remain flexible to integrate with other systems. We expect that MaaS solutions will be based on complex integrations of journey planning, ticketing and payments, and will demand new business models. Snapper's experience and approach will be critical to enabling MaaS solutions to be deployed in markets where they rely on integration with the existing ticketing system.


What are the three key learning points that members of the audience at Transport Ticketing Global will be able to take away from listening to your presentation?

[MS] * Smartphones have now matured, enabling new solutions for transport beyond ticketing and fundamentally changing the role of ticketing in the transport ecosystem;

* To navigate this changing world, its important to focus on what is the job that transport and ticketing is hired to do, and by whom. We can learn a lot from this approach.

* A customer centred approach is necessary to make this transition - this needs much more than technology, it relies on a blend of agility, experience, new talent and new management techniques 

Where do you hope to see MaaS in ten years?  Having an impact worldwide?

[MS] The concept of MaaS will underpin the way that transport is used in cities globally. The actual form will vary from market to market, with new players from other sectors taking on important roles. The industry will need to keep an open mind - this can be a threatening concept but it will happen and should be embraced as it is driven by the travelling public, not the technology providers or transport operators. 


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