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Triumph Okojie

Triumph Okojie

Digital Projects Lead, Bus Open Data Service, Department for Transport
United Kingdom

Triumph is the Digital Projects Lead for the Bus Open Data Service at the Department for Transport (DfT). With three years of experience in the transit industry, he brings extensive expertise in project management and digital solution implementation from both governmental departments and the private sector.

Prior to his role at DfT, Triumph served as a Product Manager in the cyber and forensic governmental division, where he gained valuable experience in data management, particularly in data quality.

Since he joined the DfT, he is strongly advocating the value of open data to the end users: the passengers. His passion lies in championing the Bus Open Data Service project, ensuring accuracy, and promoting standardised information formats. He emphasises the importance of real-time information and ensuring that government-led initiatives establish integrated ticketing systems, fare transparency, and seamless connectivity across various modes of transportation.