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Lorelei Limousin

Lorelei Limousin

Senior Climate and Transport Campaigner, Greenpeace European Unit

A specialist in European affairs and collective action, before joining Greenpeace Lorelei worked as transport coordinator for the NGO Climate Action Network (CAN) in France. At CAN France, she advocated for clean-air cities and for more public investments in sustainable mobility like cycling, successfully campaigning against fossil-based transport like airports and highways, and fossil fuel subsidies.

As senior climate and transport campaigner at the Greenpeace EU Unit, she is an active member of the organisation's "Mobility for all" project, which aims to build a new mobility system across Europe, taking into account the environment and people's needs. Lorelei works on shifting policies and public money away from air travel and redirect them towards sustainable public transport, putting Europeans back on (rail) tracks. In her recent work, she has campaigned for the rollout of affordable climate tickets for public transport in Europe to help households with the rising cost of living. 

She is a long time volunteer with many European groups on climate justice, trains and grassroots activism. When not actively campaigning, Lorelei is one of many supporters - and users - of night trains.