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Press Release: Switchio by Monet+

Press Release: Switchio by Monet+

Switchio® Transport ticketing brings its contactless EMV payments to Poland

Switchio® Transport solution, shortlisted for the Ticketing Technology of the Year Award, is looking forward to making the acquaintance of all Global Ticketing Transport visitors at stand D1.

Switchio® has just deployed its first SaaS contactless EMV ticketing solution in Poland. From now on the commuters in Tychy can enjoy the comfortable and fast method of contactless payment for public transport, using Visa and Mastercard bank cards (including emulated cards in mobiles and smartwatches). The solution also supports payments with local ŚKUP transport card.

In the first Polish implementation, the solution is planned to deploy in the whole Upper Silesia Zaglebie Metropolis region, according to the Contracting Authority - Municipal Transport Council (ZTM). ZTM is the largest organiser of public transport in Poland. Monet+, the creator of Switchio® Transport product, collaborated on the project with Asseco Data Systems, who provided central back-office elements.

Smooth deployment within few months
In Tychy, Monet+ deployed its own, recently developed Switchio® Transport product, which fully accommodates the security and functional requirements of Visa (MTT) and Mastercard (PAYG). The fare model is Check-in/Check-out. The tickets executed over the entire day are aggregated in Switchio®, the settlement takes place 1x per day. This model brings savings for both passengers (in the case of multiple trips, they pay at a maximum one daily fare) and the transport company (on transaction fees).

The solution is supplied as a service with 24/7 support.

In the first, currently delivered phase, the project includes 42 bus and 6 trolleybus lines. 582 payment terminals and 188 POS Android terminals for inspections were handed over; equipped with certified Switchio® applications for payment card acceptance, communication with the central payment switch, e-ticket inspection and payment of fines directly in the vehicle. The next phase, covering the agglomeration of Upper Silesia, will span to a total of 3,700 validators and 400 inspection devices.

Benefits of the supplied solution
Switchio® Transport is global product, proven in diverse environments of Europe, Africa and South America. It provides exceptionally smooth implementation (Tychy project was realised in 5 months) and brings various value-creating benefits:

For the transport operator - ZTM

  • a new service for passengers, enabling the self-service purchase of tickets by bank card, directly in the vehicle
  • introduction of e-tickets linked to a bank card
  • reduced paper ticket costs, savings on printing and distribution services
  • significant acceleration of the passenger check-in process - passenger check-in time of less than 1 second
  • acceleration of cash flows throughout the system
  • aggregation of transactions brings savings on transaction fees, and discounts on fares for passengers
  • savings in many other areas
  • simple price model using the Switchio® infrastructure


For the acquirer

  • entry into the transport sector
  • flexibility and openness in connection with other entities
  • low investment in the modification of the authorisation centre enables use in all new transport projects
  • future easy expandability to include other business directions such as e-commerce and POS terminals in retail
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