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Press Release: Littlepay

Press Release: Littlepay

Littlepay news - heading to Porto to deploy Portugal’s first ever contactless EMV scheme for transit - and predicting a year of increasing collaboration among operators

Jan 28, 2020: Littlepay, exhibiting at Transport Ticketing Global (Stand E12), looks forward to discussing the show’s prevalent themes with delegates, including the role of account-based, contactless ticketing in the future of public transport and as an enabler of MaaS.

Convenient, accessible, sustainable public transport
Payment service provider Littlepay strongly believes that effective, efficient transit payment processing will play a vital role in the movement towards sustainable urban mobility. Unveiled in January 2020, its first project outside of the UK and Ireland is an excellent example.

Littlepay is working alongside CyberSource, Visa, Porto Intermodal Transport (TIP) and Unicre on a ground-breaking project to bring contactless payments to Porto airport’s metro line and STCP trams in the second quarter of 2020. Later, it is planned to roll out the scheme to the entire Andante transport network. 

This will be the first time in Portugal that passengers will be able to use a contactless bank card to access, travel on and pay for public transport, by simply tapping a validator as they board. This simplified payment experience is part of a drive to improve the convenience and accessibility of public transport for the city’s residents, workers and tourists. 

“Like our partners in this innovative scheme, we strongly believe in the powerful role of seamless public transit in helping cities to thrive," says Littlepay CEO Amin Shayan, “We are passionate about the social impact of the technology we’re developing and excited to be working with cities to drive a shift towards increased use of public transport.”

Technology that drives successful collaboration
Littlepay is an API-based payments platform that fits into myriad payment ecosystems. New integrations and features are added continually, the latest of which - multi-operator capping - is a finalist for ‘Ticketing Technology of the Year’ at the Transport Ticketing Awards 2020. 

Littlepay is confident this technology will play a role in improving urban travel experiences, encouraging wider use of public transport. Facilitating collaboration among operators, it makes it possible to apply fare caps over their existing fare structures. Faster boarding, fluid travel using multiple services and better value fares are strong motivations to ride, not drive.

Littlepay CEO, Amin Shayan, says: “The potential of multi-operator capping is exciting. We’ve had incredible results with its first deployment in Brighton and other projects are in the pipeline in the UK and Europe. We’re certain that the functionality we’ve created will lead to increased adoption of collaborative ticketing schemes across operators and transit modes." 

Brighton saw an industry-first
In September 2019, multi-operator capping went live for the first time, as Littlepay and hardware partner Ticketer introduced tap-on, tap-off payments to Metrobus and Brighton & Hove buses. Passengers could now travel seamlessly using both services, tapping a reader with their bank card, smartphone, or cEMV wearable device as they board and exit buses. With a daily cap applied, they would always pay the best price for travel in the 24-hours after they first ‘tap on’. 

Four months on, the popularity of this scheme is evident:

  • 1 million tap-on, tap-off transactions have been processed
  • 34,400 passengers have experienced savings as a result of fare caps
  • 29% of on-bus payments are now made using tap-on, tap-off

A milestone in Littlepay’s journey: 100 million transactions

Well over 100 UK operators, including several of the biggest players, use Littlepay as a payment gateway. The company is growing fast, onboarding 60 new merchants in 2019. At the start of 2020, it reached an amazing milestone: 100 million transactions processed.

For further press information, please contact Catherine Goddard at Littlepay 

on 07795 251 655, or email


More about Littlepay

Simplicity is at the heart of Littlepay. Our agile payments platform gives transit agencies and operators a smooth journey to contactless. Using a tap-to-pay solution, powered by Littlepay, riders can pay for their journeys with a contactless EMV card or digital wallet. Fast, frictionless payment enhances their experience of using public transport. Our platform is device agnostic and fits into myriad payment ecosystems, answering common integration challenges. There’s no upfront capital commitment, no vendor lock-in and deployment is possible within just a few weeks. Our technology delivers seamless payment journeys from the get-go, along with operational efficiencies and valuable insights into purchasing and travelling behaviour.

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