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DFT Update: From payment roaming to EMV – how the UK OZEV is setting the standards for EV Charging

26 Jan 2023

Hear how the Office for Zero Emissions Vehicles (OZEV) at the UK’s Department for Transport is setting policy to improve the consumer experience for EV drivers. 

The continued uptake of electric vehicles (EVs) is crucial if we are to meet our Net Zero targets. Consumers need to have confidence in the public charging network.  One key pain point for EV drivers is complex payment systems, with a wide variety of payment methods currently offered at chargepoints. The OZEV want to simplify EV charging payments by ensuring that contactless will be offered at all newly installed chargepoints above 7.1kW and existing rapids at 50kW and above. Fleet drivers also struggle with EV payment. The electrification of fleets is crucial to building the second-hand EV market, which is key to boosting the EV transition. To support fleets, OZEV are introducing roaming at all public chargepoints, which will enable drivers to use a single payment app or RFID card across multiple chargepoint networks. OZEV will make paying for EV charging simpler for everyone and introduce a single payment metric to enable everyone to easily compare prices across chargepoint networks. 

Amy Dwyer, Policy Advisor, Consumer Experience, Office for Zero Emission Vehicles, Department for Transport 

Amy Dwyer, Policy Advisor, Consumer Experience, Office for Zero Emission Vehicles - Department for Tranport

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