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EMV Transport Forum Meetings and Webinars

September 2016 - EMV Transport Forum Webinar

EMV Transport Forum Webinar

Webinar Agenda

Explaining developments on the three EMV models – with focus on Model 3

Interoperability between transit operators and Models

Qualitative and quantitative customer research

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Continuing on from the EMV Forum meeting in January, the September meeting looked at the progress that the collaborative Contactless Transit project has made in the last six months.

This is an opportunity for international transit operators, governments and suppliers to hear about the three Contactless Transit Models and especially the latest developments on Model 3 – the pre-purchase model – as well as interoperability between the Models and between transit operators. We also discussed brand new qualitative and quantitative customer research on the appetite for contactless transit from around the UK.

February 2016

The Snapper Mobile Playbook Webinar

23 February 2016

Snapper has been operating a ticketing scheme in Wellington, New Zealand since 2008. Over the last 4 years they have successfully deployed Snapper and evolved a mobile ticketing service including a companion app to read and top-up the smart card, as well as the SmartCard on SIM. This playbook is a summary of the 4 presentations Snapper CEO Miki Szikszai has delivered to the transport ticketing industry over the last year, to share  lessons learned and support others who are starting out on their mobile journey.

Key Takeaways from this webinar:

  • Core rationale for why you need a mobile strategy
  • How you can keep your customers engaged during the transition to mobile
  • How you can develop strong innovation capabilities
  • How you can develop  deep customer relationships with hundreds of thousands of customers

October 2015 

The Snapper Guide to Mobile Ticketing: Identifying a different route to improving your customers' convenience

29 October 2015

In the run up to the annual Transport Ticketing & Passenger Information Global event, we are running a series of workshops to kick-off the conversation on the routes to smart ticketing. The Guide to Mobile Ticketing will be the first in the series.

Mobile ticketing in public transport can take a number of different forms to fit different user needs. It is increasingly becoming a popular choice for smart ticketing and payment in transport networks around the world.


In this webinar Snapper, drawing experience from their project in Wellington, New Zealand, will give you the opportunity to see the full potential of Mobile ticketing in public transport when it is done right:

  • From blueprint to your customers pocket what are the key milestones to developing an mobile ticketing programme
  • Integrating mobile ticketing into your existing network and synchronising with legacy ticketing systems
  • Embedding passenger information features into the core of your mobile ticketing service
  • The Snapper Guide to Mobile Ticketing Webinar is free to for all to participate

September 2015

Dispelling the myths from reality

22 September 2015

Continuing on from the year-long EMV payment in public transport discussion, the EMV Autumn webinar was the final conversation that took place in 2015.

The EMV Webinars are free to participate in for Transport Operators, Local Authorities, banks and Vendor Members of the EMV Forum.

July 2015

What does the future hold for EMV and account-based ticketing and what can we learn from the past?

Continuing from the first EMV Transport Forum meeting in January 2015, this Summer Webinar was the second of the four conversations to take place in 2015 providing an opportunity for the public transport ecosystem to come together to discuss and tackle concerns around implementation of EMV payments.

We are exhibiting for the second time at Transport Ticketing Global and have been impressed. It’s bigger and better than last year. We have had more one on one meetings and we look forward to continuing the conversation.

Michel van Leeuwen, Business Analyst, Telexis

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