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2017 Transport Ticketing Global Awards Winners





2017 Digital Champion

Siemens Digital Champion 2017 Transport Ticketing Global

Siemens AG

Suedostbahn's (SOB) "Smart Mobility" is the first commercial Be-in/Be-out (BiBo hands-free ticketing project worldwide. Built upon Siemens' "SiMobility" it improves the passenger experience.

The solution is currently in implementation and major steps have already been realized with the successful integration and tests of Sudostbahn's sales platform and App with the future Swiss national pricing and tariff system (ZPS)

Siemens have made good progress with installation of BiBo onboard equipment (i.e. BLE Beacons) in Suedostbahn's fleet finishing in Q1 2017. A pilot launch of Suedostbahn's sales platform is scheduled early 2017 with a full commercial launch planned for 2017.

In parallel to technical realization of the project, various public and private mobility service providers have already raised interest to join the solution and share services for even greater passenger benefit.

The judges considered Siemens solution to be 'The closest to 'no ticket' convenience' and commend them on being the 'First ever working BIBO system.'

Ticketing Technology of the Year

Eos.uptrade, parkeon, transport, ticketing, global, awards

Ticketing Technology of the year was the most popular awards category of 2017 with over 20 submissions. The judges want to recognise two companies who particularly stood out.

eos.uptrade GmbH and Parkeon Transportation

EOS.Uptrade GmbH have developed a Mobile Ticketing system which is characterised by its flexibility of integration. Different scenarios like Check-In/Check-Out, Check-In/Be-Out and Be-In/Be-Out may be compiled. To avoid expensive infrastructures, the system is tailored to smartphone users. Further, it runs without additional on-board equipment. Optional expansions with affordable on-board units provide additional functionalities.

In 2017, they aim to pilot the system in two regions and collect valuable results regarding its use by passengers, followed by a rollout across the entire service area (network) of the transport company. The judges were impressed by the 'Clever use of CIBO'

Parkeon has developed RetailWall® for the TVM market. RetailWall® brings new levels of information and accessibility into rail retailing through large information screens and touchscreen vending kiosks.

This integrated solution provides cheapest fares information via the touchscreen, along with live train running information, notices, advertising and news/social media feeds via large display screens. Automatic DDA and Equality Act compliant proximity and height detection systems meet the needs of all users.

Parkeon has developed a clear, robust and innovative TVM technology roadmap for rail retailing. This includes a family of new generation TVMs purpose-designed to meet the needs of TOCs and passengers in a range of retail environments. Parkeon will shortly launch its RetailPanel® - a smaller footprint touchscreen TVM offering the access, retailing and communication benefits of RetailWall®, in a compact package.

Through such developments, Parkeon augments its position as a global leader in transport ticketing, harnessing the power of the digital age to help operators improve their offer, whilst enhancing the experience of travellers, including those with special needs.

The judges agreed 'This is a good solution to a major passenger pain point, Groundbreaking improvement to customer service around TVMs, Highly innovative product which is already deployed and making a difference.'


Best Smart Ticketing Programme

Sörmlandstrafiken and RidangoTransport Ticketing Global Awards Ridango Best Smart Ticketing Programme

Ridango's ticketing system has been live for 2 months and already during the first month more than 57 000 travelcards were issued to Sodermanland's county citizens (overall population is 280 000). The number of validations exceeded 800 000 during the same period.

The new ticketing system also provides accurate location and validation data for different applications, enabling multiple RTPI functionalities from vehicle positioning to space availability predictions.

The judges congratulate Ridango and Sormlandstrafiken for the 'Good take up for population size and useful additional functionality such as positioning and crowding' They also believe this solution is 'Proper account-based ticketing providing for all customer personas.' And 'Impressive progress at a regional level, which has real potential to shift modal split towards public transport.'


Smart City 2017

Smart Cities Transport Ticketing Global Awards Las Vegas RTC and Masabi JustRide Connect – A Framework for Smart City TransportLas Vegas RTC and Masabi JustRide Connect – A Framework for Smart City Transport

In September 2016, The Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada (RTC), together with Masabi, launched rideRTC, a new breed of mobile ticketing app allowing riders to buy fares, plan trips, and find bus stops, all via their smartphone device. The app uses Masabi's JustRide Connect technology, which enables best-of-breed city information and transport applications to seamlessly inter-link; connecting passengers to first and last mile transit services. Making use of this to assist customers, rideRTC is integrated with the TransitApp, used by transit riders across the country.

rideRTC is the first deployment of JustRide Connect and has created an easy and convenient way for riders to buy tickets and plan a transit ride in the Las Vegas area.

The judges commented that the 'Widespread integration via APIs helps a city become smart' and 'The scale , level of penetration and the improved passenger experience offered are all impressive'


Industry Contributor

Industry Contributor Transport Ticketing Global Awards Go Ahead Group - John Backway

The judges are delighted to announce John as this year's industry contributor ‘Because he listens and understands and is taking rail ticketing in the right direction.'

John has worked really well across a broad range of ticketing issues...with the RDG ticketing strategy, and on the Contactless project with UK Cards, and with TfN - huge depth of knowledge and is always able to explain really well what is being done and makes a point of considering views of passengers.'

‘John has been an evangelist for the adoption of smart ticketing on the railway, and has promoted collaboration across the industry as part of it.'



Most innovative Customer Serving Operator

Most innovative Customer Serving Operator Transport Ticketing Global AwardsSlovenian Railways

With a systematic deployment of state-of-the-art Margento solution in late 2016. Coherently moving beyond a plethora of legacy technologies and separated solutions towards a single unified ticketing platform was until recently just a dream. A Consortium, led by "Slovenske Zeleznice - Slovenian Railways" successfully integrated all Slovenian public transportation providers onto a unified platform, nationally managed, thereby establishing a nation-wide smart ticketing standard.

The solution includes an entire portfolio of wide-ranging and complete onboard, off-board and consumable products that meet the most demanding needs in terms of fare, ride and ticketing scenarios. On the opposite end, the system supplies full back office management systems for data preparation, processing, storage and analysis.

The judges commented on how the 'National integration is impressive' and 'The achievements to date and the level of ambition going forward are impressive.


The 2017 Shortlist

2017 Digital Champion

  • Land Transport Authority of Singapore / DataMall: Improving Transport Experience through Open Data
  • Gipuzkoa Territorial Transport Authority (ATTG)
  • Open Standard for Public Transport Alliance (OSPT Alliance)
  • PlanBookTicket – Keolis and Masabi
  • Lezzgo
  • Siemens AG
  • TapLinx by NXP Semiconductors

Most innovative Customer Serving Operator

  • Slovenian Railways
  • Nuup Bussii and Ridango
  • Snapper Services Limited
  • South West Trains (SWT)
  • Vix Technology
  • Greater Anglia (train operator for London and East Anglia) 

Best Smart Ticketing Programme

  • Road and Transport Authority
  • Masabi and New York MTA, the World’s Largest Mobile Ticketing Deployment
  • Netcetera
  • Sörmlandstrafiken and Ridango
  • Lezzgo
  • Municipality Of Bialystok & Nfc4mobile S.A.
  • Trainline and Virgin Trains

Smart City 2017

  • Custom S.p.A.
  • Land Transport Authority of Singapore / DataMall: Improving Transport Experience through Open Data
  • Las Vegas RTC and Masabi JustRide Connect – A Framework for Smart City Transport
  • Road and Transport Authority
  • Transport for West Midlands (TfWM) in partnership with NXP

Ticketing Technology of the Year

  • Cubic Transportation Systems & Abellio Group
  • Custom S.p.A.
  • YELLOW BUSES - The YB Move App
  • eos.uptrade GmbH
  • Lezzgo
  • Warsaw Public Transport Authority
  • Masabi’s JustRide – Scalable, Cloud-Based Fare Collection and Validation
  • Netcetera
  • Transport for West Midlands (TfWM) in partnership with NXP
  • Parkeon Transportation
  • The UK Cards Association
  • Worldline
  • Rambus Ecebs & Penrillian
  • Greater Anglia (train operator for London and East Anglia) 

The 2017 Judging Panel

John Elliot, Consult Hyperion
Steve Howes, Howes Business Services Limited
Ian Wright, Transport Focus
Ralph Gambetta, Calypso Networks Association
Briony Krikorian-Slade, UK Cards Association
Jeremy Meal, SYSTRA Ltd and Board Member of ITSO Ltd
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