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ZIG: Intelligent Transportation Aggregation Platform

ZIG: Intelligent Transportation Aggregation Platform

ZED Digital assists technology companies and State Departments of Transportation to implement low-cost, statewide MaaS implementations. 

Discover ZIG, our cutting-edge intelligent transportation aggregation platform designed to empower public transit agencies and technology companies in seamlessly deploying Mobility as a Service (MaaS) solutions. ZIG revolutionizes the MaaS landscape by swiftly consuming data sources and APIs, enabling the deployment of MaaS apps and websites for riders without the need for coding. 


Key Features of ZIG: 

1. Multimodal Integration: With ZIG, agencies can deploy user-friendly apps and websites, allowing riders to seamlessly plan, book, and pay for trips across a spectrum of services, including on-demand, fixed route, vanpool, ADA/Paratransit, and bikeshares, all in a single transaction. 

2. Intelligent Networking: ZIG facilitates the intelligent networking of on-demand services with fixed routes, optimizing first/last mile connections to reduce travel time and costs. 

3. Equity and Inclusion: Overcoming the limitations of smartphone-dependent solutions, ZIG ensures ADA compliance in its apps and websites, fostering equity and inclusion by accommodating ADA/paratransit riders with accessible digital ticketing options. 

4. Superwallet Technology: ZIG's Superwallet boasts a fully automated Digital Wallet for multimodal payments. It enables riders to board with smartphones in their pockets. ZIG sensors auto-connect with smartphones within their proximity to validate fares with no tap/scan or other manual operation by riders. The fare validator hardware, equipped with IoT sensors, automates boarding processes, validating fares with proximity detection and eliminating the need for manual operations by riders. 

5. Safety and Performance: ZIG's onboard sensors promote public safety post-COVID, facilitating fully automated boarding to reduce line-ups and improve on-time performance. The Superwallet validates fares even when inactive on user phones, requiring minimal operation. 

6. Analytics for Optimization: ZIG provides valuable analytics on rider trip origins and destinations, aiding agencies in route optimization and service improvements. 

7. Sustainable SaaS Model: Utilizing a sustainable and scalable Software as a Service (SaaS) model, ZIG facilitates rapid onboarding of agencies and technology partners without extensive coding requirements. 

Market Presence: 

• ZIG's mobile app is available in 150 cities, supporting over 200,000 users. 

• Branded MaaS apps powered by ZIG are being implemented in 15+ cities across multiple states in the USA. 

• Successful statewide deployments by Department of Transportation in Michigan and Colorado demonstrate the scalability and sustainability of the platform. 

Partnerships and Expansion: 

• Fare validator sensors with integrated CAD/AVL technology enable agencies without real-time vehicle location data to rapidly deploy. Currently, 10 rural agencies have been successfully onboarded. 

Future Vision: 

ZIG is an affordable MaaS solution that aims to connect transportation seamlessly in both urban and rural areas under a unified platform, further enhancing the future of intelligent and integrated mobility solutions. 

Join us on this transformative journey with ZIG, where innovation meets efficiency to shape the future of transportation. 


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