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Unicard Ticketing Hub

Unicard Ticketing Hub

Ticketing Hub is a service designed to simplify and accelerate the deployment of contactless EMV transit schemes, particularly in situations where this is made more complex by the involvement of multiple operators, modes, validator suppliers or back-office partners.  

It is an industry-first, patented solution - based on two decades of integrating enterprise-scale systems across the transport industry - that benefits passengers, operators and suppliers: 

  • Passengers can tap and go with a credit or debit card where this does not already exist, giving more choice on how they pay for travel: be it open loop, pre-paid EMV or existing closed loop ticketing like ITSO. This makes it easier to travel using different modes of transport and different operators, without the complexity of purchasing separate tickets or the worry of whether they are being charged correctly. 

  • Scheme Operators can deliver multi-modal, multi-operator, multi-token deployments at a feasible scope and lower cost, backed by a service-based approach and the support of the UK’s leading ticketing provider. Ticketing Hub can deliver Account Based Ticketing, Mobility-as-a-Service ticketing, and multi-operator pay-as-you-go across cities and regions. It is supplier-agnostic by design, working with existing equipment without swapping out, and avoiding lock-in by enabling the addition of new suppliers to create a manageable mixed estate. Operators can also keep their existing acquirer and any preferential pricing, or take a turnkey solution from our partner Cybersource. 

  • Equipment and Service Suppliers get proven open APIs and standards – not a proprietary walled garden. These allow existing and new services to be integrated quickly and easily: a single integration can allow deployment to multiple operators, and connection to multiple other tech partners without additional effort. Our patented, centralised, PCI-compliant tokenisation services allow the integration of other third-party systems - such as fares engines and customer service systems - without them entering PCI-DSS scope, reducing complexity and the time, effort and expense of certification. 

Ticketing Hub comes with a complete ecosystem of recommended and supported providers for Payment Systems, ETMs, POSTs and Validators, Fares Engines, Token Management, Tap Provision and Mobile Apps, with new suppliers added with each deployment. When using our recommended suppliers, a pilot can be delivered in as little as 6 months. 

Contact to learn more about what Ticketing Hub can do for you. 


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