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Tagless by Tmoney

Tagless by Tmoney

Tmoney in Korea is recognized as one of the world's best integrated ticketing platform operators for transit and non-transit market. We were established by Seoul Metropolitan Government and LG Group in 2003 for the purpose of implementing Integrated Automated Fare Collection (AFC) system for public transportation. 

We laid our first cornerstone by successfully carrying out this mission and for the last 2 decades, we were able to not only continue expanding scope of the business to many different areas including retail and public institutions but also bring technological innovation. 

As of 2024, we have become the leading nationwide public transportation card provider with our Tmoney Card. We also offer a No.1 public transit centered MaaS service app (Tmoney GO), and taxi-hailing app (Tmoney onda).  

We introduced a new Be-in Be-out ticketing solution, Tagless. Following a successful pilot phase, Tagless officially launched its operation in Seoul LRT lines in September 2023.  

The latest Be-in Be-out (BiBo) technology for equitable, seamless traveling service has been applied to the existing payment infrastructure (terminals and collection system). The Tagless solution connects users’ mobile devices with the payment system, making it possible to pay for your travel simply by boarding a vehicle.  

Tagless contributes to improving the user experience for public transit, ensuring a hands-free and hassle-free journey for passengers. This not only speeds up the flow of passengers but is also expected to increase ridership. Enjoy your first hassle-free ride at TTG2024. 

We are delighted to showcase this next-generation fare payment system at TTG2024! 


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