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QRide Scholars: Mobile Transit

QRide Scholars: Mobile Transit

Kentkart's mobile application is the cornerstone of the QRide Scholars project. The app allows users to create a mobile card, facilitating secure payments through dynamic QR codes. This feature is particularly advantageous for students, who can now activate their mobile cards directly via the app. By simply entering their ID number, the app verifies their eligibility for discounts against the Ministry of National Education's database, thus eliminating the need for physical paperwork. 

The implementation of QRide Scholars has brought about several noteworthy improvements. Firstly, it has significantly eased the administrative burden on Düzce Municipality by reducing the need for extra staffing and physical card production. Secondly, the digital approach of the system is environmentally friendly, substantially decreasing the necessity for printing new cards. This aspect aligns with the growing global emphasis on sustainable practices. Thirdly, it has made traveling more enjoyable and easy for thousands of students. 

Looking ahead, Düzce Municipality, in collaboration with Kentkart, plans to expand this initiative to include other groups eligible for discounted fares, such as senior and disabled passengers. These groups represent a significant portion of the city's annual ridership. On a global scale, Kentkart, which operates in 55 cities, is actively expanding its personalized QR code payment technology to new areas. This strategic extension aims to bring increased convenience and a more tailored commuting experience to a broader audience. 


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