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Paying for travel via Bluetooth in public transport

Paying for travel via Bluetooth in public transport

Bluetooth payment is one of the advantages of account-based ticketing. A modern and convenient way to pay for travel, which significantly simplifies the process and increases the level of convenience for passengers. Bluetooth payment significantly reduces the time required to complete a transaction. This is especially useful in high-volume, high-traffic environments, contributing to convenience and efficiency in everyday public transport travel. internally developed Bluetooth payment technology, pioneering its world-first implementation in public transportation. 


How it works? 

A passenger is traveling in public transport and opens our mobile application. The passenger's mobile application finds the nearest tablet terminal via Bluetooth. Identifies the terminal and understands which transport the user is in. The application sends a payment request to the server with the transport ID. The server makes the payment and returns the generated electronic ticket to the mobile application to the passenger. All of this happens in a second. 


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