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OneStop Ride 

OneStop Ride 
OneStop Ride is a ticketing solution aimed especially at visitors and occasional users. No integration with existing systems. No registration for the user. Get on the bus. Tap the card. Travel. OneStop Ride is a ticketing solution aimed especially at visitors and occasional users. 
OneStop City Services installs small validators (credit card terminals) in the buses or on the stops. Only power connection is needed. The passenger can purchase the ticket by: 
- Selecting the fare on a touch screen and tapping the credit card - check in only. 
- Tapping the credit card while getting in and while getting out of the vehicle – check in / check out (fare is calculated by the system). 
Public Transportation Operators can control the validity of the purchased ticket with the Inspector App installed on a smartphone. All transactions, reports and service are provided by OneStop. 
OneStop Ride is not a replacement the existing system. It is an extension. OneStop City Services expands the PTOs sales channels with a simple pay-as-you-go possibility that utilizes contactless credit cards and mobile payment devices. No interfaces with the legacy system are required. The system is designed to be autonomous and therefore non-invasive. The deployment of the system takes up 3 months maximum and the PTO can easily stop the project, move out of it, or scale up as necessary. There’s no risk and no strings attached. It is possible to expand the system to other ticketing, information, and reservation functions. OneStop Ride lowers the PTO’s costs of sales and embraces additional users. 

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