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Micro-mobility to PTOs

Micro-mobility to PTOs

Bike sharing has been implemented within the existing AMCO AFC platform, as an integral module. Apart from the platform, AMCO provides the mobile application, as well as all needed software and hardware, including docks, and kiosks. In essence, the entire end-to-end solution is available through AMCO without the need for other providers, while each and every component of the solution adheres to open standards, ensuring full interoperability and suitability for 3rd party integrations.

Bike sharing supports a rich feature-set. Some of the key capabilities per solution component are as follows:

Backend platform
  • Customer Management for handling user accounts, monitoring financial transactions and handling associated smart cards, when applicable.
  • Device Management overseeing docks, bikes, stations, POS & kiosks.
  • Configuration of automatic rules for smooth operation (e.g., setting up notifications for scenarios such as insufficient available bikes or docks at some station).
  • Configuration of custom problem categories for bikes, docks, stations, and the mobile application.
  • Alerts to configurable accounts for alarming events, such as identifying ongoing rides with durations longer than the maximum defined, detecting financial discrepancies, identifying bikes outside the geofence perimeter, and more. 
  • Security features throughout the entire user flow, such as OTP verification in each crucial user interaction step, custom password complexity rules, admin bike hard lock, user suspension, smart card blacklisting, measures against denial-of-service attack and brute force attack.
  • Anti-fraud monitoring rules for automatic actions when set criteria are met. 
  • Analytics (bike and dock usage per station, rides report, heatmap, etc).
Mobile Application
  • Account Management.
  • Several options for user verification (bank card, National card, through previous POS registration).
  • View stations on the map and details, e.g., available bikes and docks per station, timetable, station current status (open, in maintenance, closed), easy navigation, etc. 
  • Ability to lock a bike via the app in case a nearby station has no available docks.
  • Problem reporting for bikes, docks, stations & kiosks.
  • Ratings and comments.
  • Rides’ view
  • Account creation 
  • Smart Card issuance 
  • Smart Card replacement
  • E-mail update
  • 15'' touch screen
  • Instant bike unlock via smart card.
  • Bike unlock via bank card.
  • Bike unlock via National student card
  • Great aesthetics
  • Vandal-proof
  • E-bike agnostic
  • Great aesthetics
  • Vandal-proof

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