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EASIER's Dual Detection Fare Gate System

EASIER's Dual Detection Fare Gate System

At the heart of EASIER's "TGS" (Transport Swing Gate) fare gates proposes a revolutionary fusion of two advanced technologies. This innovation combines high-performance detection system, EASIER’s DIRAS solution (Detection InfraRed Automatic Systems) based on high density of infrared cells, with a stereoscopic 3D camera. This synergy ensures optimal passenger flow management while accurately detecting all movements and significantly reducing fraud. 

A unique solution that is much more efficient than infrared detectors or 3D cameras used separately. Indeed, it makes it possible to effectively detect cases that cannot be detected on a single technology. This solution is scalable, new situations can be characterized in order to enrich the list of use cases. 

Equipped with polycarbonate swing doors, offering protection against solid and liquid elements, these gates provide both standard passage and accessibility for individuals with reduced mobility (PRM). Beyond their advanced functionality, these devices integrate heightened safety measures to prevent incidents near sensitive door areas, ensuring a safe travel experience for all users. 

These gates with dual detection will be deployed in the 4 new metro lines in Paris, as part of the Grand Paris Express project led by the Société du Grand Paris (SGP). This deployment of over 1200 units provides a major technological innovation and it will modernizing user experience by providing optimal security while ensuring heavy traffic flow during commuting hours. The collaboration between EASIER and SGP highlights their proactive commitment to offer a cutting-edge solution for the millions of daily passengers and improve public transportation experience.