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Vix Beacon ITS is a complete CAD/AVL solution that enables operators to manage their fleets, assign drivers and track vehicles in real-time. A simple interface for drivers helps them to keep on schedule and communicate with dispatchers. Riders benefit from accurate journey information and reduced delays through nimble cloud back-office monitoring and re-routing.

Simple, sleek, secure: Vix Beacon ITS is an easy-to-use application with a mobile-responsive design, enabling dispatch and operations staff to easily manage their fleets and communicate with drivers and riders. The fresh and modern UI features a light/dark mode and simple navigation to deliver an intuitive user experience.

We designed Vix Beacon ITS to be completely hardware agnostic. The platform is flexible and open for easy integration and future development. Transit agencies can adopt the system they need now, while saving money by leveraging existing investments and reusing equipment, then scale as they grow.


Beacon Data Services consolidates all of your real-time data in one place, regardless of file or feed standard, and creates reliable predictions for all RTI needs. It provides a data repository, data ingestion and data distribution service to provide journey predictions, schedule adherence, disruption information, and headway statistics.

Beacon Operations Management provides real-time insight into what is happening with vehicles on your transit network. It offers a complete picture of your operations, with the capability to manage multiple operators in one place. Intelligent alerts empower staff to identify and prioritize emerging issues in the network with simple workflows to rectify faults.

Beacon provides CAD/AVL vehicle technology which supports and empowers drivers and enhances passenger safety and confidence. We offer devices including driver consoles, routers, and passenger displays, to equip vehicles with a range of functionality, including:

  • Audio Visual Announcements (AVA)
  • Comms – Voice-over Internet Protocol (VoIP)
  • Walkaround checks
  • Traffic Signal Priority (TSP)
  • Ticketing
  • Automatic Passenger Counting (APC)
  • CCTV

Beacon’s RTPI system provides real-time passenger information through a variety of outputs which includes APIs, websites and on-street displays. It disseminates service information simultaneously to multiple channels (displays and apps) using a single solution that is comprehensive, consolidated and integrated.

The Beacon Transit Analytics package includes an integration with Mosaiq Insights, provided by our sister company Snapper Services. This provides a complete, timely picture of vehicle movement, network performance and transit operations. Easily understand how your transit network is performing against metrics such as schedule adherence, dwell time, excess waiting time, and more, to help ensure compliance and measure performance against KPIs.


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