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Artificial Intelligence Passenger Counting System

Artificial Intelligence Passenger Counting System

The system is able to recognize the passenger and remembers so that other cameras identify him as one person. The system recognizes the same person even if he takes off his hat and changes clothes. It can also recognize all human actions. At the same time technology does not capture any personal information of passenger. 


What can you use it for: 

  • Fleet management. To optimize routes. The system understands at which stops a lot of people get on. Which routes are full and calculates how much transport is still needed for the line. 

  • Detection of free riders (stowaways). The system can accurately calculate how many people are in transport and compare it with the amount of payment. This way it reveals the exact number of free riders (stowaways). And can transfer all information to the control service. 

  • Security. It is possible to install video recognition of the driver's actions. If the driver suddenly feels unwell, the system can stop the vehicle. 

This technology generates detailed reports, helping to better manage public transport and improve the quality of service. Using advanced video recognition and artificial intelligence technologies, it provides accurate passenger flow analysis, route optimization and efficient data management.