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The Hub is excited to launch the Hub ABT: a cutting-edge certifiable QR/ITSO and EMV contactless ABT integration solution which enables LTAs and Operators to implement Account Based Ticketing (ABT) cost-effectively and quickly. 
The Hub ABT streamlines the traditionally complex processes of ABT implementation for all parties. 
It does not require the use of proprietary hardware, PSPs, or back-office protocols, instead using systems integration API protocols to connect existing multiple modes of travel (bus, train, tram) to create a single customer account and enabling fare-capping across multi-operator, multi-modal schemes. 
The Hub ABT avoids the costs and complexity often associated with delivering ABT with pre-built integration modules for LTAs and Transit Operators - significantly increasing speed to market and lowering costs of entry - with integration times measured in days rather than months. 
The Hub ABT middleware platform has been awarded by Innovate UK and pre-procured by Talk2SAM as a recommended ABT solution. It is a secure, certifiable, end-to-end ABT solution that has 5 core components which are available individually or as a whole: 
(1) Registration and tokenization - Passengers are registered on their ABT account with a unique ID which can be accessed by multiple tokens and read by any connected device 
(2) Ticket types & fare-capping - provides capping of multi-operator & multi-modal journeys   
(3) Payment from multiple form-factors - including payment cards, mobiles & barcodes 
(4) Validation - pre-board or on-board, smartcard or smartphone; QR codes and wearables 
(5) Passenger accounts - Provides every passenger with a personalised account from multiple-operators and a self-serve helpdesk for query resolution. 
The Hub ABT aggregates disparate customer data from all touchpoints across multiple modes of transport into a central data management ‘mission-control’ dashboard providing a unique single customer view - allowing LTAs and Operators to better manage customer experience. 


If you would like to see how the Hub ABT can implement a cost-effective, hardware/software-agnostic and future-proofed ABT solution for your partners and customers, visit us at STAND H10.  


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